Fees and Insurance

Dr. Hidalgo is not in network with any insurance company. Therefore, we do not receive payment directly from the insurance company.

 Services are paid for in full by the client at the beginning of each session via credit card or bank transfer.

We cannot take payment directly from Medicare/Medicaid recipients.

Dr. Hidalgo will provide you with an invoice/receipt or “superbill” which you can present to your insurance provider in order to seek reimbursement.

If you plan to use your insurance benefits, it is in your best interest to check with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment in order to understand the full details of your out-of- network mental health benefits.


Some questions to ask include:

- Do I have out of network benefits?

- Do I have a deductible? If so, how much is it?

- How much would I be reimbursed for the visits? (Ask about the CPT codes listed below)

- Is there a limit on the amount of visits I can have?

- How do I submit invoice to get reimbursed for the visit?​

 These are the most commonly used CPT codes:

  • ·  Initial Psychiatric appointments (60 min): $300        

         CPT code 90792.95

  • ·  Follow Up appointment medication management only (30 min): $220

         CPT code 99214.95 + 990833.95

  • ·  Follow Up appointment medication management only (15 min): $190

        CPT code 99213.95

  • ·  Follow Up appointment medication management + psychotherapy (50 min): $250

        CPT code 99213.95 + 90836.95

  • ·  Psychotherapy only appointments (50 min): $230

        CPT code 90837.95

  • ·  Psychotherapy only appointments (25 min): $200

        CPT code 90832.95

  • ·  Consultation for PCP or second opinion (90-120 min): $450

        CPT code 90792.95 or 99205.95


·    Phone calls- less than 5 minutes- No charge

     Phone calls over 5 minutes- Prorated based on an hourly rate of $250.